About Us

About Pro-active Green Movement 'n Peace Vehicle

  PRO-GREEN MPV is a national non-governmental Organization inspired by the growing concern and need for a people to people development initiatives, global warming, and the need for peace and conflict resolution. The organization is established to inspire the community, specifically the youth to take the initiative of being the leaders in building a peaceful society, environmental conservation and the wellbeing of the entire community. Pro-Green Movement ‘n Peace Vehicle was founded on 25th September 2014.  

Mission and Vision


To champion society cohesion, community self-reliance, sustainable development and youth economic empowerment.  


  Toward people’s driven sustainable development, productive, safe and environmentally conserved society in its innovativeness and creativity.   

Our Model

Actual provision of services i.e. delivery of physical goods or services

Microfinance (micro loans) Fees for Services (health care services) Partnering with Government institution in implementing community development projects

Facilitating government development plan in achieving the SDGs