Pro-active Green Movement 'n Peace Vehicle is a national non-governmental Organization inspired by the growing concern and need for a people to people development initiatives, global warming, and the need for peace and conflict resolution. The organization is established to inspire the community, specifically the youth to take the initiative of being the leaders in building a peaceful society, environmental conservation and the wellbeing of the entire community. Pro-active Green Movement ‘n Peace Vehicle was founded on 25th September 2014.

Office Location: Munuki Suk Libya,
Opposite Munuki Western Police Division.
Suk Libya 107 Road, Juba South Sudan

Contact us: progreenmpv@gmail.com

Mobile: +211911230666

About us

To champion society cohesion, community self-reliance, sustainable development and youth economic empowerment.


Toward people’s driven sustainable development, productive, safe and environmentally conserved society in its innovativeness and creativity.


We are defined by our quest for responsibility and accountability of our work. The aim is to enhance the community life characterized by more conserved surrounding. The society diversity defines our scope of activities in nation building process. The organization context of existence is based on the following objectives

  • To promote peace in the community.
  • Spearhead the people to people development process.
  • To prepare the country youth to joint world peace initiative and environmental protection.
  • To be the government partner that delivers services to the peoples.

Peace Advocacy and Conflict Prevention (Peace)

Youth peace building to promoting society cohesion

This programme seeks to identify potential conflicts either between individuals, groups or society and resolving those conflicts. The societal peace advocacy is the backbone of the peace building initiatives. A complete peaceful coexistence can be realize by Youth Leadership & Management so as to denounce violent in the society.

Health and Environmental Sustainability (Healers)

Heal one's health and environment

Sustainable development is vital in environmental conservation. Incorporating environmental consciousness in the developing state can lead to more productive developed national with no destruction to its environment. This programme goals includes awareness and education through HSE Day, Occupational Safety campaign, Distribution of pamphlet, fliers and other materials that promote safe environment, Organized International Earth day as means of supporting the green movement of environmental preservation, Emergency response volunteers, Community Outreach initiatives and Green plantation initiatives, Fitness Day, Keep your city green and clean as well as Research and Development targeting sustainable development and health. Through our slogan, ‘green is clean’, we can develop a sustainable South Sudan.

Livelihood and Education (Live)

Toward youth entrepreneurship and self-sufficiency

The programme focus on agriculture, youth economic empowerment, community welfare and education for all age group, gender, religion and ethnicity. South Sudan has the riches of fertile land for farming that can be extended from small subsistence farming to a food basket food producing state. Skilling local populous specially the illiterate to practice agriculture that can generate incomes for themselves and their families would not only result into food secure South Sudan but also promote peaceful coexistence between societies. This programme also seeks to promote education for all ages and genders for people’s driven development country wide.

Strategic goals

In order to effectively contribute to the above strategic programmes, Pro-active Green Movement ‘n Peace Vehicle has set out four strategic goals that contribute to the four programme areas.

Strategic Goal 1: Strategic partnership with the government institutions. We help the government meet their objective of bringing services to the people. We accomplish this pledge through our evident based approaches in the implementation of developmental projects that benefits the rural communities.

Strategic Goal 2: Strategy of lobbying through evidence-based research, making concrete policy suggestions, developing research papers, engaging in constructive and informed debate. We accomplish this pledge by evident based research that brings certain solutions to create either new policies or amend already existing policies.

Strategic Goal 3: Promoting people to people development. We look at inclusion of traditional leaders and illiterate youth in economic and developmental process as means of achieving various SDGs at the grassroots level and advancing specific national development goal.

Strategic Goal 4: Focusing on the oil and gas sector and monitoring both the policy process and the allocation and use of revenue. Resources curse elimination as means of sustainable peace requires robust transparency in oil and gas industry. The aim of this strategic objectives for Pro-Green MPV is to create a civil society platform on oil and gas (CSPOG) where transparency is advocated to counter resource curse that is taking shape in South Sudan.

Management team
Chairperson/Board of Directors

Makuei Deng Agoor


Dr Azmuddin Abdallah


Mangar Mawut


Ayieda Dongrin

Admin & Finance

Emmanuel Jok

Programmes Coordinator

Monychol Adhil

Budget Controller

Monychol Kulong


Joseph Mabor Agany